Fall Case Competition @ UNBC
Oct 19 @ 4:00 pm – Oct 20 @ 12:00 am

This will be the fourth year that the CSS will host the UNBC Case Competition as a means to engage first, second, and third year students. This year we will be hosting two competitions; one in the first semester for second to fourth year students, and one in the second semester for first and second year students. The competitions are set up to mirror JDCW competitions, both of which prepare students for real world business applications. Students are given a case or problem that a business has, and are given three hours to solve it and fifteen minutes to present their solution to a panel of judges. The goal is to for students to become involved in case competitions at an earlier stage in their education to develop better preparation skills and to facilitate a more rounded education.

The skills that students learn in these competitions will make them more successful competitors at the JDCW Business Competition, but will also make them more successful in their careers. The material covered in the cases will be of a comprehensive nature, with very little specifics as most of these students have yet to narrow in on their desired disciplines. The first competition, targeted at second and third year students, will use a slightly more advanced case. The topics will revolve around Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Business Strategy, and General Business. Students are encouraged to apply their classroom knowledge to real world settings and to think about these cases as though they were facing a real problem posed by an employer or client. The competition will take place over the course of a weekend with local businesses and accomplished students taking part in the judging process. Due to the variety of cases available, this is an opportunity for us to be extremely flexible with our corporate partners in creating customized and unique sponsorship opportunities.