Community and Networking Events

Autumn Affair Business Etiquette Dinner

This year will be the 7th annual Autumn Affair event. It was introduced six years ago as a means for students to network with one another in an environment outside the classroom. It is an evening that will entail both dining and education with fellow students. The event is intended to assist students in achieving success in the business world and in their everyday lives. It allows the students that attend to experience networking in an environment that is very common and essential in the business world. They will be provided with many tips and tools that they can use in order to best take advantage of the networking opportunities that are provided by formal business functions.

Students will attend a dinner where they will be instructed in etiquette for both business and formal functions. Students will also be given advice on how to dress for interviews, functions, and day-to-day business. It’s all about dressing for the job you want. This is a great learning opportunity for all future business leaders that is sure to give them a leg up over competition.

Business Banquet

This year’s 19th Annual Community business banquet is our longest running and most prestigious event. It will be an excellent place for students of every discipline, faculty, and local business leaders to follow up on business and social connections they have created over the year in a comfortable and professional setting.

This is a memorable event for all involved. It provides the CSS with an excellent opportunity to thank all the sponsors who provided support over the course of the year. The CSS executive is wrapping up their respective terms in their positions and the newly elected President will be introduced to the local business community. Finally, the results of the

JDC West Business Competition will be announced and proper congratulations will be extended.

Surrounded by the business leaders of tomorrow, this evening provides the ingredients for generating new ideas, meeting future employees or employers, and enforces the already strong bond between the university and the community. It is a light-hearted yet professional event that has an excellent track record and has greatly increased corporate relations in and around Northern B.C.


The CSS has organized a number of lunch and learning sessions, called Bunches, over the course of the academic year. The purpose of these Bunches is to provide students with the opportunity to network with peers, faculty, and local business leaders. They provide a comfortable and professional environment where students can eat, socialize and listen to guest speakers about important issues or interesting ideas.

The BUNCH Program provides businesses with an excellent opportunity to interact with students in an informal setting from all years and majors within the university. By hosting a bunch, you will increase your exposure to a group of captivated and motivated students who are potential future employees and customers. Your company will also be able to showcase a speaker at the lunch and will be able to bring signs, banners and other promotional materials.

The CSS will market the Bunch to students and faculty. All that we ask is that host companies contribute to the cost of food, which will vary depending on menu and location. The venues will be adaptable to suit the host company’s needs and desires, but UNBC provides excellent catering services and houses plenty of beautiful spaces in which to host such an event. The CSS is also able to work with the host company to schedule a suitable date.

Commerce Cup

The Commerce Cup is an annual sporting event. Participants make teams that compete in a competitive game for the title of Commerce Cup Champion. This year, the CSS has decided to create a fall edition that will bring students and faculty members of all areas of study together to compete in a fun and fulfilling manner. The CSS will host this event at the beginning of the year, in the hopes that it will give students and faculty a chance to bond with one another right from the start. One of our goals for this year is to connect students not only with other students in their degrees, but also with students in different studies. We hope that this fun filled event will also bridge the gap between students and faculty, and create an environment where everyone can communicate and get to know one another. This event will also serve as a fundraiser for the CSS, but is primarily focussed on connecting students and faculty from all programs and studies.