Mentorship Program

This is the very first year of the mentorship program here at UNBC. The aim of this program is to help first year commerce students (littleā€™s) in all aspects of university life. The Commerce Student Society (CSS) will be enlisting the help of qualified third and fourth year commerce majors, these people that are selected will be the mentors. The mentors will be there for the mentees to answer any questions or concerns that they may have. Also this program will enable first year student to start networking with people who are already well established within the UNBC Commerce community.

Study Groups

The CSS website will be an outlet for students to post their needs for a study group for classes. A student will come to us with the desire to set up a study group; we will collect all of the necessary information and post it on our website. Once there is interest from other students for the study group we will put the group together