Resume Circulation

Need help finding a job?  Want to get your resume in the hands of the right people? The CSS will circulate your resume to various businesses in the community.

The UNBC Commerce Student Society has a primary objective of helping university students to obtain careers in the field of their study.  One way that we achieve this goal is by circulating resumes to our partners and business contacts directly.  This service allows student resumes to reach the hands of employers that are actively recruiting university students.  You may submit your resume here, and the CSS will distribute it within the community.

Submit Your Resume

Please complete the following question, upload a resume and complete the release form.
  • Cover letter, letter of reference, portfolio, etc..
  • Resume Release

    The undersigned hereby acknowledges the following: 1. The Commerce Student Society will keep my resume on file until April 2013. At this time all resumes will be deleted from the computer system where they are stored. 2. Resumes are only accessible by the CSS executive and will only be used to submit to potential employers. 3. I authorize the Commerce Student Society at the University of Northern British Columbia to keep my resume for the 2012/2013 school year. 4. I understand that the CSS will give out resumes to local businesses in the Prince George area who may contact them. I understand that I may receive interest from businesses that are not in the industry of my preferred career, but that the CSS will do its best to submit my resume to companies that are in the industry of my expertise. 5. I know that the CSS will protect my rights under PIPA, Personal Identification Privacy Act. 6. Upon sharing my resume with potential employers the CSS is not held liable once it has reached that potential employer’s hands. 7. Giving the CSS my resume does not guarantee that I will find employment.